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Uplifting Designs Artist Registration

2017 Uplifting Designs Fundraiser!

The St. Mary’s County Arts Council invites artists to submit a decorated piece of “Bra Art” to the 5th Annual “Uplifting Designs Contest“ to Support Breast Cancer Awareness month. 

New this year!
We will be posting the entries on facebook, so get your design in early!

The bras will be displayed in Leonardtown during “Pink Friday” from 5pm to 8pm on October 6th. Guests will vote with their donation for their favorite design. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the First Friday cause to support breast cancer awareness. There is no charge to enter the event. The winner will receive a gift certificate to a Leonardtown Restaurant.

All bra art entries should be turned in by Tuesday, October 3 to the Arts Council Office.  The office has moved and is now located at 22660 Washington Street, first floor, Leonardtown MD,
Hours: Tues. - Friday.  11 am – 4 pm

Thank you for your participation!

Contact Nell Elder for more information

Check out entries from past years!

Register to submit a bra art design for Leonardtown’s Pink Friday celebration to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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The bra contest is meant to be fun and whimsical while providing an important health message to the community. Bras should be selected and decorated in a manner that is tasteful; no inappropriate or offensive entries will be put on display for this program.