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Art Walk 2015 Business Registration


The 3rd Annual ArtWalk
September First Friday 
September 4, 2015

Last year was a huge success with 30 Artists and 20 businesses participating. The ArtWalk is an important component to the Arts and Entertainment celebration.

Work will be displayed in businesses with ArtWalk tags from Friday Aug. 29 to Friday Sept. 26.  

Last year we were fortunate to have Heritage Printing print and install the wonderful ArtWalk decals in front of each participating business.  This year the decals will cost $42 each, so to defray the cost we are asking each business to pay $25 and the Town of Leonardtown will pay the difference. 

Here are the guidelines at a glance:

  • We will distribute work with easels, tags, and ballots to businesses between Aug. 26 - Thursday Aug. 29. If you already have the artwork in your business, we will drop off the tags and ballots.

  • Artwork will be on display in businesses throughout town the week of First Friday.  Guests will be invited to view the art, and using a ballot, vote on their favorite piece.  They can turn in the ballots to any participating business during that week. The first 100 guests that turn in their ballots on First Friday by 8pm at the Leonardtown Arts Center will receive a town Swag Bag full of coupons and surprises. Please help us fill the bags by providing a coupon or something from your business.

  • Guests will be required to visit at least 4 businesses during the ArtWalk, we will provide businesses a unique stamp to stamp the ballot next to the business name.

  • We have asked businesses to be open as much as possible but you are not required to be open everyday. All participating businesses should be open for First Friday from 5-8pm on Sept. 5.

  • Artists are asked to pick up artwork by Saturday Sept. 27th. If it is not picked up by then, please contact Nell Elder at 240-687-5418 or and we will come by and retrieve the art.

If you have any questions you can contact Nell Elder at

Thank you for making Leonardtown’s ArtWalk a Success!

Register Your Business for the 2015 Art Walk

Contact Person *
Contact Person

There is a $25 registration fee to pay 
for the ArtWalk decals that will be installed
 in front of your business

Checks can be made out to the 
Commissioners of Leonardtown
Please drop off a check or cash 
to the Leonardtown Town office by
August 19