Music & Theater 

There are many musical and theatrical things happening in St. Mary’s County

Chesapeake Orchestra, Inc. under the direction of Jeffrey Silberschlag provides Southern Maryland with high-quality cultural programming for all ages. The orchestra’s presence will enhance the internationalization of Southern Maryland with cultural exchanges. The performances range from serious classical composition, to light classics, to jazz, and genres such as Bluegrass and Blues are fused with orchestral instrumentation to develop new audiences.

Relax waterside on the museum lawn and enjoy live national jazz artists, lots of delicious seafood and gorgeous views of the Potomac and St. Clement’s Island at this popular signature event.

COSMIC Symphony gives residents an opportunity to enjoy high-quality orchestral music during the fall, winter and spring without leaving Southern Maryland. COSMIC Symphony’s primary objective is to provide the Southern Maryland community with classical music performed by its own local musicians.

The Sanford Concert Series shares the vision of Colonel Henry Sanford to foster local and professional musical talent. The Series promotes classical music, supports emerging artists by bringing them to the attention of the people of St. Mary's County and its surrounding areas, and encourages fellowship between the performers and audience.


Their goal is to foster, promote and increase the public knowledge and appreciation of the arts and cultural activities in St. Mary's County and Southern Maryland, and to make live theatre affordable and available to as many members of the surrounding communities as possible.


They have a calling to serve and enhance the artistic needs of the citizens of Southern Maryland through the singing and performing of choral music.

Patuxent Voices is a women’s group dedicated to quality a cappella singing. Currently under the direction of Linda Aughe & Laurel Dietz, Patuxent Voices gives two sets of formal concerts annually, one at Christmas and one in the spring, and performs at a variety of community events.


You have an opportunity to be apart of an organization whose mission is to document, increase understanding of and foster African American contributions to the history and development of St. Mary’s County while advocating for improvements in health, education, and community building for all citizens of St. Mary’s County.