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Joshua Owen

  • Lexington Park Library 21677 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Blvd Lexington Park, Maryland 20653 (map)
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Local Artist Joshua Owen began studying art at 6 years old. As he was exposed to various artists he would experiment with their styles on his own artwork.  He loved Jackson Pollock and decided that he wanted to pursue action art on his own.  The action art was exciting and “it felt right.”
    At 7 years old, Joshua came to his parents with a request.  He wanted to become an artist and have an art show.  The deal was struck.  If he painted enough pieces to have a show. They would help him with finding a venue and setting up a showcase.  He got to work right away producing 22 pieces for his first show, with an extra 5 for a preview of his “next show.”
    Since then Josh has had 5 solos shows and has participated in multiple group shows.
    Josh says that the best thing about Abstract art is that everyone who sees it can interpret it differently. He says he has no interest in trying to force someone to see what he sees, he just enjoys hearing other interpretations.
    For more information about Josh or to keep up-to-date with his work, check out his website  or YouTube channel

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Lexington Park Library


Joshua Owen

Show runs December 15, 2016 - January 15, 2017

This Art Gallery is proof of the power of one woman’s hard work!

Candy Cummings had a vision to create an exhibit space in the Lexington Park Library, which would display the artwork of local artists.

The Library Board agreed that this would enhance  the library experience by exposing library  customers to the beauty and power of original art.

In 2005, the Lexington Park Library Art Gallery was created and through Candy’s hard work  and dedication her vision became a reality.

In 2014, the St. Mary’s County Arts Council agreed to take over the coordination of the Gallery and Candy donated funds to create an Arts Council Library Gallery Fund which will provide for its ongoing support.

THANK YOU to Candy Cummings!

One woman who has truly made a difference  to our library and to our community.

If you are interested in displaying your art in the Lexington Park Library Art Gallery, contact Nell Elder at or 240-309-0686

Make Art part of your next Library visit!
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