St. Mary's County Arts Council

Grant Applications

The St. Mary's County Arts Council provides funding support for community arts development through our grants program. 

We award approximately $50,000 annually to local organizations and schools for the presentation of arts activities in our community.

Past grant recipients have included the River Concert Series, The Sanford Concert Series, Sotterley Foundation, Town of Leonardtown, COSMIC Symphony, St. Mary's River Watershed Association, United Committee for Afro American Contributions, and other organizations.

Applicants for grant funding consideration must qualify as nonprofit organizations presenting arts programs or projects in St. Mary's County or for the benefit of St. Mary's County citizens. All funded programs and projects must be open to the public and must meet specific eligibility criteria.

Grant requests must be received by October 1 for programs that take place between November 1 and February 29 or February 1 for programs that take place between March 1 and October 31.