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St. Mary's County

Army Band Commander (Retired) Chief Warrant Officer Sheila M. Klotz began her music career at 10-years old, when she picked up a pair of drumsticks, and she hasn’t set them down since.

By invitation, the 257th Army National Guard Band, played to audiences numbering in the tens of thousands. Sheila’s revived concert model is currently in use today by all US military bands worldwide.

Her time in the US Military
afforded her countless performance, conducting and lecture opportunities throughout the nation and

Presently, Klotz leads a diverse Drumming collective in St. Mary’s County MD, performing at community events and working with St. Mary’s County Arts Center helping to grow an invigorating drumming and musical presence in southern Maryland. In addition to Concert Band guest conducting and Concert Band Programming guidance, she offers private instruction, master-classes and clinics for conducting, drumset, mallet percussion, orchestral / concert percussion and drumlines. She currently resides in the Southern Maryland area with her husband and 3 children.



Grade Level

Grade Level

Residency Description

Percussion Clinics, Master Classes, Drum Circle, Group Drumming. Including (but limited to) all of the following:
Drum Circle, Drumline, Percussion Ensemble, Concert Snare, Timpani, Marimba, Xylophone, Vibraphone, Auxiliary Percussion, African Drumming, Caribbean Drumming, International Drumming

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Date1, Center for Creative Leadership Course, The University of Maryland
Date2, Company Commander’s Course, school
Date3, US Army Attrition Management Course, US Army
Date4, six online Certificates in marketing and social media, school

Past Teaching Experience

2001, assisted and guided 51-National Guard Bands nationwide develop musicians, music selection, social media and gaining new audiences, Washington, DC
2001, training other Army units on utilizing social media outlets to spread patriotism and military pride to the American public, US Army Public Affairs Office
Date3, what was taught, where
Date4, what was taught, where

Booking Contact Information

Contact Person: Sheila Klotz
Contact Organization: SoMar Drummers
(202) 304-8995


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