Artist In Residence Roster

 We are now accepting applications to be a part of our Artist In Residence Roster!

This will be a great tool for local schools to get into contact with local artists willing to teach and inspire young artists.

Teachers will be able to reach out to you and apply for an Arts In Education Grant to help fund your stay.

Please fill out this form to be a part of this new and exciting resource!

After you apply please send us an email with a professional photo of yourself to our email at

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Business Address
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Residency Information
This will be a way we will organize each artists so teachers can find what they need easier
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What will you be teaching? Do you have sample programs?
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Reference Name
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Reference Phone Number
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Past Experience
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Disclaimer: This is just a reference for teachers we are not hiring any artists. Teachers are responsible for getting into contact with the artist to make sure they are a good fit for what they need. We are not responsible for any artist listed in this registry.