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ART WORK SHOP Susan Goldstine

Beginning Bead Crochet & Bead Crochet Trefoil Pendant

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• Instructor: Susan Goldstine
• Session: 9am – 12 noon
and 1pm – 4pm
• Artistic medium: Beads and yarn/thread
• Class Fee: $40 per session. $70 for both.
• Materials: Supplied by Teacher
• Age requirements: High school age or above
• Location: Yellow Door Art Studios
• Student skill requirements: 
-- For the morning class, none except the willingness to learn to crochet (we’ll be using yarn and big plastic beads).

-- For the afternoon class, either prior knowledge of making bead crochet ropes or having attended the morning class.

Class Description:
Morning class:  We will learn and practice the stitches for bead crochet ropes in large plastic beads and yarn.  Since the exact same stitch techniques are used to make bracelets with small glass seed beads, after taking the morning class, you should be able to make your own bracelets with a little practice even without the afternoon class.  Students will master the bead crochet slip stitch and, as time permits, how to begin and end a seamless bead crochet bracelet.

Afternoon class: We will make a small bead crochet rope pendant in the form of a trefoil knot using size 8 seed beads and crochet cotton.  Students must be familiar with bead crochet slip stitch before this class, either through the morning beginners’ class or independently.  The class fee includes a selection of beads and threads in different colors so you can customize your own pendant.

The beads, thread, and crochet hooks are quite small, so if you use reading glasses, please bring them!

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Susan Goldstine Biography
Susan Goldstine is a mathematics professor at St. Mary's College of Maryland who specializes in mathematics and the arts.  She regularly exhibits in the juried exhibitions at the international Bridges Conference for mathematics and the arts and at the national Joint Mathematics Meetings, where she won Honorable Mention in 2013 for the bead crochet necklace Tessellation Evolution and Best Textile, Sculpture, or Other Medium in 2015 for Map Coloring Jewelry Set.  

Together with artist and computer scientist Ellie Baker, Goldstine wrote the book Crafting Conundrums: Puzzles and Patterns for the Bead Crochet Artist, which presents a comprehensive description of bead crochet design principles, an informal introduction to some of the underlying math, and almost 100 original bead crochet patterns.  She has taught several prior workshops on introductory bead crochet and produced an hour-long series of bead crochet tutorial videos that is available to the public on YouTube.