St. Mary's County Arts Council


Raku Workshop

• Instructor: Sarah Houde
• Session:
  4 students @ 1pm
  4 students @ 2pm
  4 students @ 3pm
• Artistic medium used: clay 
• Class Fee: $35
• Materials supplied by teacher: Pots, Glazes, Kiln, equipment required for firing
• Age requirements: 12 and older
• No skill requirements

Class Description:
Students will experience the wonder and delight of creating a beautiful and unique piece of clay art- work. Students can choose an artist made tile and/or tea bowl to glaze with an assortment of crackle and copper flashing glazes. I will also have some pots ready for finishing in the horsehair raku style. Students will participate in the raku firing . I supply the pots, glazes, and all kilns, and equipment necessary for the raku firings. We will do as many firings as required to get all pieces fired. Each firing takes 30-45 minutes. 6-8 small pieces per firing. 

The class in the afternoon. Starting at 1pm. 4 students at 1, 4 at 2pm, and 4 at 3pm. That way no student needs to hang around watching the kiln the entire afternoon. (Unless they want to)
No age limit but children younger than 12 won’t be handling any hot materials. The fee per student is $ 15 and each can decorate with glaze up to 2 pieces, ex 1 tile and 1 tea bowl . 

Students don’t need to bring anything but should have long hair tied back and be able to remove any long, flowing clothing. 

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Sarah Houde Biography

My last semester as a marine biology major in college I registered for a clay class and was immediately smitten. While working in Delaware post graduate as a scientist I took many clay classes and started selling my work to friends. It was not until I completed my graduate work that I decided not to devote my life to science but set up a clay studio in my home. Since 1987 I have been happily making pottery for art shows and galleries through out the north east. My work is included in collections worldwide.
I have taught clay classes in after school programs through out St Mary’s county. I have been teaching clay classes for adults and kids at Annmarie gardens in dowell since 2011. I have been awarded best demo award twice during AMG arts fest . Best of show at Rehoboth art league fine craft show in 2010 and PRAD in 2008. I continue to show and sell my work at shows in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware. For a listing of 2015 shows please see my website,