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ART WORK SHOP Diana Manchak

Turtle Magic with Clay

• Instructor: Diana Manchak
• Session 2:  1pm – 4pm 
• Artistic medium used: clay/stoneware
• Class fee: $50 -- covers clay, firings, glazes      
• Student age requirements: This is a great intro project for all ages but  children under the age of 7 seem to have less grasp of the concepts and need more one on one time.  (Students need to wear appropriate clothes or bring an apron).

Class Description:
Making a turtle from soft clay, using a bisque bowl as a base to help student create the “shell” and then add legs and a head.  The main “shell” is made up from clay that is rolled/pinched/looped, twisted, or coiled and then set into the bowl – thus it is being made upside down and inside out.  Once the clay has begun to harden/dry the turtles are removed, legs and head adjusted to be level, and cleaned up.  Since this is using stoneware, it needs to be transported to my studio to dry completely, bisque fired and then glazed in a second firing.  As each student completes their piece they are offered a glaze choice of color, which I will use to finish the piece.  Once done, I will return projects to the individual students. 

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Diana Manchak Biography

I have been working in clay for 26 years, and teaching clay since 1995 to individual students, rec facility classes, homeschool students to college level courses at CSMD and University of Md.  I teach wheel throwing, handbuilding and sculpture along with design and appreciation of clay as both functional and decorative artwork.

I have offered numerous classes – such as the Turtle Magic project, to tile making, and other handbuilding projects.  I offer my work for sale at the North End Gallery, Keeping it Local in St Mary's Co, in addition to other galleries in Calvert Co., A.A. Co., Md., Pa, and Va.  I participate in a select group of shows throughout the mid Atlantic region when time permits.