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Getting to Know Your Camera

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Getting to Know Your Camera

• Instructor: Tom & Carol Davis
• Session 1:  9am – 1pm
• Session 2:  1pm - 4pm
• Artistic medium used: Digital SLR Camera
• Class fee: Morning Session - $80   
    Afternoon Session - $55   
• Materials: Students should come with a digital camera
• Student age requirements: 16 & older
• Student Skill requirements: This is a beginner class, no prior skills are required.

Class Description:
In the morning session, Students will be instructed on the basic triangle in photography (ISO, aperture and shutter), functions of their camera and the relationship between all three.  Composition will also be covered.  In the afternoon session, students will pick up where they left off with hands on application by doing a photo walk and shooting and then if time allows returning to the class room for quick edits and instruction on making their images even better.  Adobe Lightroom will be used in the demonstration.

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Tom & Carol Davis Biography

We are Tom and Carol Davis, a husband and wife team from Southern Maryland, that photograph personal journeys all over the US and beyond. We come to life in the morning with the help of our bullet proof coffee, dark blend.  We are the proud parents of Mike and Emily.  We love our backyard, deck time, good wine, long naps, warm light, unique people. Our animals, Toby, and Milkyway provide constant entertainment.  We also love traveling, cooking, eating, sleeping, God and each other.  Our family is our greatest asset ! Our Blog documents our personal journey through life, love, business and travels, both through the craft of writing as well as photography."Capturing the essence of life and the personal journeys of our subjects has become a passion.  Taking the time to listen and understand the people we photograph enhances and tells the story. We are all on a personal journey. We give you the memory of where you have been as those times unfold." Our journey together the past 30 something years has been a wild ride, and we have pictures to prove it!  Our wish for you is as your life unfolds and you look back on it, you will also have those photos, which is why we have begun to share our experience and teach others to enjoy photography as much as we do.