Art Walk 2019 Vendor Registration

Application Deadline: August 18, 2019

Date of the event: First Friday, September 6th, 2019 from 5 - 8 PM

Cost: Free

Requirements to be a vendor:

  • Vendors/ Guests should offer items that are hand-made by themselves or the group they represent.

  • Our Guests should represent arts-related organizations such as local visual or performing artists groups, choirs, art collectives, and more.

What your vendor space will look like:

  • Each space will accommodate up to a 10’ x 10’ tent and table area.

  • Vendors/ Guests must supply their own table, chairs, weights for display, and anything else you may need to run a successful tent.

  • Electricity outlets are very limited and will be available upon first request. Running water sources will NOT be be available.

  • Bathrooms will be located at the shops, restaurants, portable restrooms, and at the St. Mary’s County Arts Council office.

  • Vendors conducting sales must comply with all pertinent local, state, and federal laws pertaining to sales tax and reporting income.

Set up and during the day of Art Walk:

  • Set up will begin at 4:00 PM at the earliest and will end at 5 PM.

  • Tear down will start no sooner than 8PM and the area will need to be cleared by 9 PM.

  • Parking spots near your space may be coned off in which case you may load and unload but must re-park after. Any cones displaced must be returned to their original position.

  • You may distribute literature in the form of fliers, handouts, etc., non-profits may collect donations for their cause. “Roaming “ beyond the allotted space for these purposes is not permitted.

  • The distribution of (either for free or for donation) food products for human consumption is not allowed due to strict rules established by the health department.

Incase of Weather:

  • In the case of weather changes during the event you may leave early as deemed appropriate for the conditions. If inclimate weather is highly likely for the evening (a 50% chance or more of rain as predicted by the Weather Channel) please alert the Arts Council no later than 2PM if you decide not to attend.

The St. Mary’s County Arts Council and Town of Leonardtown reserve the right to remove any booth, display, distribution, or other work deemed inappropriate for a family-friendly public event.

Contact the St. Mary’s County Arts Council for any questions you may have

Thank you so much for all of the vendors that have signed up we cannot wait to see you at Art Walk 2019!