Art Walk Artist Guidelines

  • Register online by August 18. We will only be accepting 30 entries, first come first serve.

  • The winning artist will receive $100 prize, and an article in the County Times. 2nd & 3rd prize will each get a gift certificates to a restaurant in Leonardtown.

  • There is a $10 submission fee which goes towards the prize money.

  • Drop off your work at the Arts Council Office (22660 Washington Street, first floor) between now and Aug. 18 between 1 - 4 pm. If you are displaying the work in your own space or you have an artist of your own for your business, then there is no drop off.

  • Please print the artist's name, the title of the work, price, and a contact email or phone number on a card and tape it to the back of the piece.

  • Suggested size is no larger than 36" in any direction.

  • Work is not insured by the participating businesses or the Arts Council after drop off.

  • We will distribute work with easels, tags, and ballots to businesses on Wednesday, August 30 . If you already have the artwork in your business, we will drop off the tags and ballots.

  • Artwork will be on display in businesses throughout town from August 30 - September 30 . Guests will be invited to view the art, and using a ballot, vote on their favorite piece. The first 100 guests that turn in their ballots on First Friday at the Leonardtown Arts Center, September 1 by 8pm will receive a gift.

  • We have asked businesses to be open as much as possible but businesses are not required to be open everyday. All participating businesses should be open for First Friday from 5-8pm on September 1.

  • You can pick up your artwork on Saturday, September 30 at the Business where it is displayed. If it is not picked up by then, it will be stored at the Leonardtown Arts Center for you to claim. Contact Nell Elder at to schedule for pick-up

Thank you for making Leonardtown’s Art Walk a Success!